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Author Topic: The Intragalactic Transportation Consortium Needs You!  (Read 2693 times)


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The Intragalactic Transportation Consortium Needs You!
« on: September 29, 2015, 12:44:05 am »
Within our little bubble of civilization, trade is bustling. Millions of goods are transported all across the galaxy this very minute. Most of these goods only travel 10, maybe 20 lightyears until they find their destination. Other, more rare, goods, may find their home 20 lightyears or more from their original destination. Soon, though, our traders will be transporting an entirely different class of good. Imagine trading lanes encompassing thousands of lightyears, caravans being used to connect bubbles of civilization detached from our own, lone outposts serving as a stepping stone into the unexplored. All of these ventures hold the potential for untold profits, but our efforts have constantly been abated by pirates and maniacs lying on the fringe of civilized space. Corporations and governmental entities constantly found that the cost of expanding and policing large sectors on the frontier was simply too much to control, along with securing their own systems.

Progress cannot be restrained forever, though. Through cooperation and consolidation of forces, we, the corporate lifeblood of our galaxy, can persevere. I propose the creation of a group of like-minded merchant and bounty-hunting organizations that will enlist a portion of their forces to be on-call to defend our frontier shipping lanes or that will contribute stable frontier systems to act as outposts. Through the cooperation of our frontier organizations, we will avoid the messy inter-organization flare-ups and territorial posturing that prevent us from protecting large swaths of space. No one organization will hold dominion over the ITC. Instead, all immediate decisions will be reached through the consensus of the active strike team and we will trust them with the good faith that they will carry out our charge with the utmost professionalism. Manegarial decisions, on the other hand, will be voted on and agreed upon through a council of representatives chosen by their respective player organizations. The means and measure by which each organization is represented will be determined at our inaugural summit.

As a member of the ITC, each pilot's organization will be asked to contribute two of their pilots for a 2-week term to be on-call. These pilots must carry an Elite combat ranking to qualify, but there are no other strict requirements. PvP experience, though, is preferred. While on-call, these pilots can continue to carry on their normal duties but, if they are called to action, they must proceed to the outpost indicated to recieve breifing and be dispatched. Due to the time-consuming nature of the calling, if a pilot's deployment exceeds the term of their enlistment, the pilot is expected to finish their current mission unless special accomadations must be arranged.

If a pilot's organization feels that they do not have enough sufficiently skilled combat pilots to fulfill their obligation of membership, frontier pilot's organizations can gain membership to ITC by providing a stable frontier system. This system must be shown to have a reliable and functioning economy, must have a shipyard and the capability to outfit, re-arm, and refuel our pilots, the system must be considered in "frontier space," and the system must have at least one station that supports large landing pads.

There will be no membership costs associated with membership in the ITC, besides the enlistment obligation and/or the provision of a stable system to house our strike force. Membership within ITC grants your pilot's organization the ability to call on our strike force for any events that might fall under the ITC's jurisdiction, a means of communicating and organizing with a large number of like-minded pilot's organization, and the means to facilitate and enforce binding Galactic trade agreements between participating player organizations.

ITC's responsibilities are as entailed below:

- To respond expediently and with force to organized hostile actions against members or unaffiliated pilots in unexplored or frontier space.

- To respond with dedication and discipline in the pursuit of persistently hostile individuals that hide in frontier zones

- To maintain a presence in unexplored space through patrols and by supporting the transportation of support goods and escorts to deep space denizens

- To facilitate and enforce trade agreements involving many participating organizations

- To assist and cooperate with other pilot's organizations that are active in unexplored space and the frontier systems (such as Fuel Rats and Metta, for example)

 ITC's requirements for membership are as entailed below:

- The ability to maintain a stable system on a border of civilized space


- The ability to provide two experienced pilots with at least Elite combat ranking for 2-week periods (or longer) and can fulfill this duty requirement once every two months

- Member organizations must not support piracy or smuggling and cannot have a documented and proven history of participating in such activities

- Member organizations must agree to notify ITC of any trade disputes between member organizations and pilots must agree to fulfill their obligations to ITC, however it might conflict with personal trade disputes, while in the service of the ITC Response Team

If your player organization would like to join the Intragalactic Transportation Consortium, please contact, me, jank O'Dank by posting on this thread. If I have set it up right, it should send me an email whenever you guys respond. In the message, provide the name of your player organization, your home system name, your preferred method of contribution to ITC, a link to your organization's mission statement, the representative who will be attending our inaugural summit, and the ranking of your player organization (if that exists yet. I heard something about it a while ago but couldn't find anything on follow-up.) Once interested player organizations have been collected and notified of their qualification, a summit will be held on October 4th, 3301. The time and location will be set and distributed out to participating organizations once confirming invitations are sent to the applicable player organization leaders or representatives.
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Re: The Intragalactic Transportation Consortium Needs You!
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2015, 01:29:59 am »
Thanks for contacting us.
We're going to pass on your invitation to join ITC. Good luck on your efforts. :)