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Author Topic: FGE/AEDC Colonization goals, brought to main forums, support the thread!  (Read 2814 times)


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Hi everyone,

CMDR Alcubierre here wishing you all well.  So a few months ago we got tacit support from your group for a collaborative effort building a colonization.  I've had some fun turning Chaal, and soon Khond into Alliance systems.  But we ran into the background sim mechanics wall, which has slowed us down a bit.

In any case, obviously there's been no word so far from Frontier on our efforts.  We've tried PMing the developers and moderators, to no success.  So we had to bite the bullet, and post a thread to the main forums.  We're still not telling anyone where we are operating out of, but we've gotten some light discussion going.

Hopefully we get a few powers to spawn out of these efforts, but first, we need to start building stations.

At this point, we need help keeping this thread going so that Frontier gets a look at it.

And also a couple weeks from now, Khond will have a war that needs winning, so we might need some help there as well.

Here is the thread, happy gaming everyone.



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Will definatly look inot your forum post I am very iterested in this aspect. Been supporting a system on the rim and was uld love to see some expansion.