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Author Topic: economic support for minor factions  (Read 5659 times)


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economic support for minor factions
« on: July 21, 2015, 05:13:52 am »
Hey there, ive been working in O UMa and the economy in this system is in shambles. Ive read that doing charity missions can actually hurt that factions rep. So far the controlling faction gives only charity donation missions, and few and far between a fetch mission for food or meds.

To me this shows that the system is either very recently settled  starting towards bust. There are no current statuses  on the system map but after ive brought in some trade goods ive seen a boom and a blue rep bar after turning in the cargo.

I must have sunk 50,000cr into donations as well, its not much and mining is great here. Along with some bounty hunting ive made more.

Is there anything I can do to help this system to give better missions? Ive been semi rp with this system and id like to help the major faction to expand eventually if I can. Im building my fleet here and ive planned to custom outfit for trading, system security/ bounty hunting and mining.

Is it possible to build up a secondary faction without challenging the controlling faction?
There is a local corp. Id like to support alongside the PoumC, ive been fighting the dictators forces and pirates but ive left the corp alone, however it hasent grown and barely gives charity missions as well.

Thanks for reading and anything helps

Is anybody else adopting" a system?
Ive heard of Lugh and the Mercs but there large and work in developed systems.


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Re: economic support for minor factions
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2015, 09:01:21 am »
1. There is no O UMa system.
There is no O Ursae Majoris either. So I cannot help you with any precise tips.

2. You give no information at all. What ship do you have? How big are the demand levels? What kind of system? etc.

3. What is PoumC? Who do you actually support? Do they have a station? Is there a station, or are there only Outposts?

You ask for help but do not give a lot of info to help you.

We don't know the exact mechanics of mission generation but had a theory one day that it is tied to the wealth of the system. So what you want to do is to increase the wealth of your faction. To do this, you should trade with their station.

Imho you want to bring the demand for goods down. Then export high profit and high priced items. There is a difference between basic goods (food) and luxury goods (Progenitor Cells, Performance Enhancers etc.). You should try to bring down the demand for some basic goods. To do this, you should try to import goods that have a low absolute demand.

Furthermore you could grab something like EliteOCR, OCR some market screenshots and submit them to EDDN. Then you will be able to see commodity prices at eddb.io. This will also possibly attract traders to your system.

Furthermore if you do this, you could post an eddb.io link here and we could help you a lot more than with you always talking in riddles.

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Re: economic support for minor factions
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2015, 11:30:47 am »
O.k., found it.

So looking at http://eddb.io/station/11827 ...

You have a low absolute demand for
- Food Cartridges
- Animal Meat
- Coffee (don't know whether this one is luxury)
- Basic Medicines

For luxury goods (= money)
- Consumer Technology
- Progenitor Cells
- Performance Enhancers

For infrastructural goods
- Water Purifiers
- Power Generators

For security equipment
- Non-Lethal Weapons
- Reactive Armor

Now if you have a Type-9 or Anaconda, you should be able to lower these demands pretty fast.
If not, you can do money while trying.

For Food (basic needs are first priority):
- Export Palladium/Gold/Silver to a closeby Industrial System (e.g. Tailla)
- Grab Food Cartridges and come back.
- If demand lowers, load up Marine Equipment or Crop Harvesters at the industrial, Fly to an Agri system and buy Animal Meat. (is the nearest Agri system truly Catucandit in 61 ly distance? If not, fly to the nearest, OCR community market and upload to EDDN)

This goes on with the other commodities. Search for a route to import while earning credits. Then do it.
As soon as you lower the demand to Medium or Low levels, and made some healthy profits, you should start to see other missions.
But keep in mind that this is best done with a few friends and a few Anacondas and Type-9s.

The economic model in ED has 2 ticks, a production and a consumption tick, 10 minutes apart. This is where the NPC trading happens. You have to be able to export more than is produced, and to supply more than is consumed to make a dent in the supply and demand levels. You should be able to deliver the demand within 2,5 hours to make a significant dent. e.g. 1000 Food Cartridges per hour. So if for the 26 ly roundtrip to Tailla you take 2 jumps and about 15 minutes (long way to Asimov), you should be able to deliver 250 tons of Cartridges. Therefore you should fly at least a Clipper, Type-7 or Python.

From experience it should be possible to drain Palladium, Gold and Silver pretty fast.

I am not 100% sure that this works, but exporting Palladium and importing Food Cartridges should achieve something after 2 hours.
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Re: economic support for minor factions
« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2015, 10:56:12 pm »
Thank you very very much, this was exactly the kind of info I was looking for. I didnt have any idea about the demand and the different types of goods.
     I was obtuse about my location because Ive been playing alone and I havent wanted to invite anybody that might want to interfere with this system.
Glad you found out the system, the specific on trade goods are gold friend, thank you again.

Currently im running an Asp, however its not greatly outfitted. Iv just returned from the Abres Cg. Was hoping to make some minor capital to push through the donations. Ended in complete failure, but I learned how to mine efficently so that was fine and I made a bit of money I quess.

Before cashing in for the asp, I was running a t6 and a cobra. Now that ive read your data tho im inclined to pick a t6 back up to push some food into the system. I realize it will take 10x as long as youve said but its ok.

Appriciate the time you took to gather that info, even with so little to go on.


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Re: economic support for minor factions
« Reply #4 on: July 21, 2015, 11:08:03 pm »
Will post again with more details low on time
GDRL  :'(
Have one export trade rout to an agri about 20lys away and a hi tec two jumps more. Usually just come back with a grab bag of goodies. Ill get some trade data posted soon as I can. Eddb was unknown to me, dont know how I got along without it, were gunna get very familar soon


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Re: economic support for minor factions
« Reply #5 on: July 22, 2015, 04:17:41 am »
Asp is better than T6 in every respect. Just fit it for cargo.
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Re: economic support for minor factions
« Reply #6 on: July 23, 2015, 01:32:21 am »
So here are the details as best I can:

Im playing on xbox1 in open
Im writing on a mobile
Eddb solved any comodity need I can see in the.forseeable future
It almost is too good to be real I want to dontate as soon as I can

As far as im aware I cannot upload screenshots from the xbox dvr it dosent save elite yet afaik

The system im camping in is Omicron Ursae Majoris
The controlling faction is the Peoples O UMa Partnership they control a corilis station Asimov Dock
They stay around 55% rep,

There is also a dictatorship on levy station its an industrial station, but their rep is too low to start a war I think
They have less then 20% rep last I checked

Both the pirats and a local corp have very low rep
Ive been squashing the pirates whenever I see them

Ive hesitated to support the local corp. I forget what its called rt now. Id like too but I dont know if it will take away from the controlling factions rep.
I understand my Op was pretty cryptic I dont mean to, but somtimes I just talk like that c: just the way I am

Im mostly caring for this system because its a star ive seen in my scope, and because its like last stop before the abyss.
Hopeing to explore the sourounding area and it makes a great place to stop in after a rimward expidition

Im not to hardcore of a player and I realize the amound of impact I.can have on a system is minimal
That being said id like to do the right things with the time I do get
The info on the needed commodities and the link to EDDB are exactly what I needed
Thank you

And I would will and never shall sell my Asp its my first real ship far as im concerned.
I was in a t6 and a cobra and had most of the others for a while
I was thinking of buying another t6 to trade with but I think ill save up and try for a t7


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Re: economic support for minor factions
« Reply #7 on: July 23, 2015, 02:53:18 pm »
Always willing to help out an Alliance CMDR
I'm going to be supporting the community goal here until it ends, once that's done I can pop over with a trading Anaconda and shift some cargo for a few days, see if we can change some things - just let me know what commodity and who to sell to.
A few thoughts
You are right, don't get another T6 to trade - refit the Asp instead. It's 120 tonnes cargo for the Asp versus 100 tonnes for the T6,  assuming you fly with the lightest possible shield, plus you will get interdicted far less most pirate CMDR's see the T6/7/9 ships as flying pinatas.
I would suggest you stop trading in the system and use the Asp to do Rare Goods runs for a few days - google will give you plenty of rare goods trading runs and the Asp is perfect for them.  This should get you some serious cash and let you buy this - http://www.edshipyard.com/#/L=70X,,2-6u8c7_6u5K5K8I,0AA0AA08c08c0727Re03w03w T7 quite quickly.  You will trade much more efficiently with that T7's 216 tonnes of cargo space.

Anyway, that's just my suggestion - I'll post here again when the community goal is done and head on over for a few days. 

One question though - what timezone are you in / when are you online?


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Re: economic support for minor factions
« Reply #8 on: July 24, 2015, 04:25:28 am »
It is my hope that O UMa could one day join the Alliance, but its soo far from the border I realize that it may be some time till that happens. 

To answer your last questions first I live in washington, were on Pacific time here. Generally im off work around four,  so usually im playing by six most days, on weekends I play whenever I can. Im not playing any other games right now, they have been so to say eclipsed.

Im hesitant to load out my asp only for trading, mostly because I do quite a bit of salvage, black box/artifact missions, and smuggling. Ive also put some scanning equipment to good use as ive travled the pill, made good money just by jumping. Id say my ship is already ready for some rare trading, I just havent got out and done any yet Its somthing I need to do some research on. Google like you said 8). Are ther any preferred Alliance rares I should rep? Systems to sell to?

Are you supporting the Cer. outbreak? Ive been hearing about it on Raido Sidewinder, but after the AbresFiasco I wasent shure if it would be worth the trip.

If you or anyone that would like to fly any foodstuffs or indy goods id be imensly grateful! Id be very willing to do a mining run and pay with dozen or so tons of silver or better, whatever I find. Im not to shure about how persistant dropped goods are, but id be willing to make a drop in orbit of one of our moons.

The post here has a list of what Asimov Dock needs its spot on as far as I can tell. That info helped me understand the backround economy allot. As has EDDB.
The faction to sell to is the Peoples Omicron Ursae Majoris Partnership

P O UMa P thanks you for your data
Our allies will not be forgotten


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Re: economic support for minor factions
« Reply #9 on: July 24, 2015, 04:40:07 am »
As long as outfitting is "free" you can adjust outfitting to the task at hand.

Usually the only things you change are internal compartments. For trading in an Asp you can go all in on cargo and use a D3(4?) Shield. I usually carry a scanner  ecause i dont like flying blind. If you switch to missions, upgrade shields, maybe add cell bank, etc.

For the trade grind you dont need anything else. Chaning outfitting takes about 2 minutes and then you profit for as long as you do it.
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Re: economic support for minor factions
« Reply #10 on: July 26, 2015, 05:13:54 am »
Update: per advice have ive begun rare trading
Made over 2 mill first loop on my second run and over a million tonight so far.
I found some great maps, its really been allot to learn but way worth it.
Ive remade my buy cost for the Asp and refit for jump range
Like you said so long as out fittings free no harm in switching things up

Honestly I will be at this for a while untill ive got the capital to pick up regular commodity trading
It may be some time till I am back in the O UMa area
With the economic advice and learning these trade routs I see that sponsoring a system is a bit beyond me at present.
When I can ill reaturn with a hold full of the universes finest goods

That being said it any pilots wish to run any of the goods noted above,
Id be willing to bring in a couple of tons of lave, or fujin goods or some giant snails ;D

Thanks you for all the help this post has helped my play quite allot
Keep up the Elite work Diplomats!


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Re: economic support for minor factions
« Reply #11 on: October 15, 2018, 01:01:45 pm »
Are people still running goods like that? Is it profitable?


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Re: economic support for minor factions
« Reply #12 on: October 21, 2018, 12:26:18 pm »
BGS effects of trading have been nerfed quite badly unfortunately. Its significantly more time efficient to focus on mission running these days