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AEDC Public Board / Re: AEDC Prefix to ship names/ID ?
« Last post by Schlack on March 02, 2017, 01:01:19 pm »
Discussions are ongoing with other groups.

I'm quite partial to A.S.S.

Alliance space ship.....

AEDC Public Board / Re: AEDC Prefix to ship names/ID ?
« Last post by Elementical on March 02, 2017, 12:56:37 pm »
We're thinking of something a bit bigger than just an AEDC prefix  :)

A prefix that ALL Alliance groups use for their ships so that you'll see Alliance players throughout Alliance space. ADF / ASC / ASS / AISS are some examples. In typical Alliance fashion, nothing has been decided yet!   :popcorn:
AEDC Public Board / AEDC Prefix to ship names/ID ?
« Last post by Elderoy on March 02, 2017, 10:12:29 am »
Hello there !

As ship naming will soon be a thing, do we have any plans on prefixes to ship names or ID for the fleet ?
Maybe something less obvious than "AEDC" ?

(IMHO using ID could be great, but it's limited to 6 characters...)
General information / About AEDC. Who we are and what we do.
« Last post by Hex on June 30, 2016, 02:24:29 pm »
Our Story

AEDC is a political organization that began its formation at 3300 and was fully formed by the year 3301. With the goal of supporting Alliance of Independent Systems through series of diplomatic initiatives AEDC started operations around systems of 78 Ursae Majoris, Tiethay, Enki and others. Facing dire obstacles along the road AEDC quickly expanded with the help of numerous Alliance sympathizers. In the spirit of the Alliance tradition for cooperation AEDC developed successful partnership not only with independent pilots but with many influential organizations and individuals as well. Among most noteworthy sponsors of AEDC are notorious business magnate Victoria Wolf, Commodore Helena Stone of the Alliance Navy and famous diplomat with aristocratic heritage Hubertus von Weissenborn.

AEDC are not mercenaries and we are not working for money, favors or material goods. While Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps does not represent Alliance of Independent Systems in any official capacity - our activity is solely dedicated to furthering Alliance causes and improving lives of Alliance citizens. With that in mind the group broadened its approach beyond exclusively diplomatic initiatives and has been rendering its services in an extended capacity when situations required it. Those services include but are not limited to: humanitarian aid, education, healthcare and research institutions, along with paramilitary and police force units. But most importantly - AEDC is most well-known for its professional negotiators and diplomatic ambassadors.

Our own holdings are relatively small and quite modest. Instead of relying on these installations, AEDC operates well efficient network of contacts and assets to carry out operations. These assets include influential individuals, wealthy corporations, favorable lease contracts and property rights. Independent pilots representing bulk of AEDC forces hail from all walks of life but nevertheless they all work together rather efficiently under the AEDC banner.

While AEDC has been keeping most of its activities well-hidden the group surprisingly goes to lengths to avoid direct involvement in espionage. Besides furthering goals of the Alliance through various means and supporting its own sponsors, AEDC rarely involves itself in the affairs of other groups.

Our Message

Now, a few words about the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps.

AEDC enjoys title of one of the oldest player groups in the game and the one that been deeply involved in Background Simulation since day one. We are group of mature players who are laid back and we prefer not to focus on role play much. Although we do not mind it in small doses as a way to spice up the game. But what we really enjoy and excel at is testing, verifying, and playing the Background Simulation.

In the December of 3300, several independent pilots banded together to focus efforts on aiding the Alliance in gaining influence in civilized space and to seek more human interaction. We all choose the Alliance because it, to us, truly represents the ideal where people are free to determine how they wish to live, but still work together for mutual defense. At the time, the Alliance was not as well-known and we decided to do something about it, the hard way, fighting against all odds for the promotion of better values. Working together, defeating those that tried to stop us, and singularly focused on our goal, we have managed to succeed in greatly expanding Alliance factions from Lave to Lahasim. During this time we have been playing, testing and verifying everything we could with the BGS. This has allowed us to find things that no one had noticed before. For example, we had observed the displacement mechanic in our space long before it was common knowledge.

What does it mean to be a part of AEDC? What is so important about Background Simulation? As it was already been mentioned - initially we just wanted to play in a group and help Alliance gain more influence in the game. But as we started experimenting with new ways to interact with universe around us we found out that there is more to it than we originally thought. And the more we been at it the more complex rules of those interactions were getting. After a while we realized that game got whole new meaning for us and we expanded on it greatly. We developed our own tools, we started running our own missions, we began devising long term strategies to support our chosen faction. To reduce impact from repetitive gameplay we also made our missions diverse, made them entertaining for our members to run. And once results of those missions finally came to fruition - we saw how grand it can be. We been making a difference on the large scale!

As we worked to push our factions and win wars, our members wrote up stories to document our adventures. For those that were involved, these become fond memories. We share these experiences privately as silent victories in covert operations. Our operational security is very important to us. Through our vigilant adherence to our OPSEC, we have been able to continue to promote and expand without great interference. Boasting, bragging, and thumping our chests to the greater galactic community is not our style. Quietly, we observe and go about our business. Most important to us is our strong bond of friendship and comradery. Members will take leave, but their return always warms our hearts. One of the best rewards in Elite is seeing your wingmates coming through and getting back in the action!

Why you might never have heard of us? That's probably because we been keeping a low profile and been busy running missions. You can hardly achieve anything in Elite: Dangerous without well thought approach. Unless you have a way to organize your forces and prevent your enemies from interfering - you end up with more damage to your efforts than get any positive results. Simply put if your enemies don't know what's your up to - they can't hurt you. Thus strict OPSEC policy and low PR profile. We don't claim that our way is perfect or protect us from all harm but it works in general and it works for us well.

But even with all that secrecy AEDC still enjoying busy forum and website. We are quite active community with our own take on the game and interaction. Catching up with our forum might be difficult at times and amount of new content sometimes gets overwhelming. To mitigate that turbulence our more creative members writing up blog posts to commemorate most notable developments. But we also a laid back community and we discuss different topics at our leisure, some of them unrelated to game. We discuss everything from music, movies and desks (don't ask :D ) to latest changes in PowerPlay. Although I should mention that application procedure might be somewhat difficult for some. To get an edge we are boasting wide range of in-house tools to keep our members updated and well versed in the matters of the hidden game. It would be no good for us if our members didn't knew how to use those so getting around that is mandatory :)

Our internal structure is democratic with advisory focus. There is no dictatorial elements in our day to day internal affairs and our group mostly self-govern itself with little to none interference. Or to put it simple - our members are very friendly and polite. Although on a rare occasion when problems do arise we tend to dispense justice very swiftly. Also I want to mention that our code of conduct isn't just there for a show. We does not allow multigrouping among our members and we keeping an eye. There are exceptions like Mobius group but otherwise it can be an issue so keep it in mind if you plan to apply.
Embassy / Re: Northern Lights outreach
« Last post by DNA-Decay on May 18, 2016, 02:20:41 am »
Almost a year on, and it is finally a thing:

Here's an information thread out on Fdev, and of course you will have seen all the great stuff on our front page here.
AEDC Public Board / Videos While you are waiting.
« Last post by DNA-Decay on May 18, 2016, 02:09:22 am »
While you are waiting in the lobby, you may enjoy this video:


Or perhaps this one:


Or even:
Embassy / Re: Crimson State Group is offering 100 Million Credits to anyone....
« Last post by Hex on January 25, 2016, 01:14:32 pm »
Hey Roybe :) Thanks for stopping by and letting us know.
Embassy / Re: Crimson State Group is offering 100 Million Credits to anyone....
« Last post by MdN on January 25, 2016, 07:22:42 am »
Thanks Roybe, I'm sure our treasure hunters will be on this in no time  ;D
Embassy / Crimson State Group is offering 100 Million Credits to anyone....
« Last post by Roybe on January 25, 2016, 03:53:01 am »
that can find our system of prophecy!

Check out Orfeboys story and see if you can find our lost system!

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