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Embassy / Re: economic support for minor factions
« Last post by _Flin_ on July 21, 2015, 09:01:21 am »
1. There is no O UMa system.
There is no O Ursae Majoris either. So I cannot help you with any precise tips.

2. You give no information at all. What ship do you have? How big are the demand levels? What kind of system? etc.

3. What is PoumC? Who do you actually support? Do they have a station? Is there a station, or are there only Outposts?

You ask for help but do not give a lot of info to help you.

We don't know the exact mechanics of mission generation but had a theory one day that it is tied to the wealth of the system. So what you want to do is to increase the wealth of your faction. To do this, you should trade with their station.

Imho you want to bring the demand for goods down. Then export high profit and high priced items. There is a difference between basic goods (food) and luxury goods (Progenitor Cells, Performance Enhancers etc.). You should try to bring down the demand for some basic goods. To do this, you should try to import goods that have a low absolute demand.

Furthermore you could grab something like EliteOCR, OCR some market screenshots and submit them to EDDN. Then you will be able to see commodity prices at eddb.io. This will also possibly attract traders to your system.

Furthermore if you do this, you could post an eddb.io link here and we could help you a lot more than with you always talking in riddles.

Embassy / economic support for minor factions
« Last post by BumbleDee on July 21, 2015, 05:13:52 am »
Hey there, ive been working in O UMa and the economy in this system is in shambles. Ive read that doing charity missions can actually hurt that factions rep. So far the controlling faction gives only charity donation missions, and few and far between a fetch mission for food or meds.

To me this shows that the system is either very recently settled  starting towards bust. There are no current statuses  on the system map but after ive brought in some trade goods ive seen a boom and a blue rep bar after turning in the cargo.

I must have sunk 50,000cr into donations as well, its not much and mining is great here. Along with some bounty hunting ive made more.

Is there anything I can do to help this system to give better missions? Ive been semi rp with this system and id like to help the major faction to expand eventually if I can. Im building my fleet here and ive planned to custom outfit for trading, system security/ bounty hunting and mining.

Is it possible to build up a secondary faction without challenging the controlling faction?
There is a local corp. Id like to support alongside the PoumC, ive been fighting the dictators forces and pirates but ive left the corp alone, however it hasent grown and barely gives charity missions as well.

Thanks for reading and anything helps

Is anybody else adopting" a system?
Ive heard of Lugh and the Mercs but there large and work in developed systems.
Embassy / Re: Dark Echo would like to initiate contact
« Last post by BumbleDee on July 13, 2015, 02:03:22 am »
Great work Commanders! Is there a sight where you gentlemen might be contacted? Ive been concerned about player pirate groups finding and disrupting people who build up independent systems. If I can help or if there is a need for assistance from any of the independents id like to keep communication open.
AEDC Public Board / Re: Contact us here
« Last post by BumbleDee on July 13, 2015, 01:52:21 am »
The system im currently supporting is extremely short on capital, and is in dire need of food stuffs and other basic goods. Im currently outfiiting a ship to act as system defence. Actually im currently raising funds again for said outfitting the local institutions have sucked up much in the way of donations however I dont mind its a fast way to buld up rep. If youd like to emigrate to this system, and I recomend it its a true spacers system, however the local economies are sparce, it is on the outter rim, please pm me and ill send you our location.
Embassy / Re: Communism Interstellar requests aid!
« Last post by BumbleDee on July 09, 2015, 06:43:20 am »
Hello good lairds, I represent a similar system that has maintained its independence only by remaining completly hidden. I am still working on my combat ship but would relish the chance to assist you, if I can render aid to your stations I will and also I will assume a guerilla stance in regatds to your invaders. We do have a tradition of living in occupied terratories keep up the resistance Tovarish!
     The truly independent systems must work together to survive. I for one am thankful for the Alliance and glad that at least one of the galactic powers still stands for cooperation and freedom.
Will definatly look inot your forum post I am very iterested in this aspect. Been supporting a system on the rim and was uld love to see some expansion.
AEDC Public Board / Re: Contact us here
« Last post by Elementical on July 09, 2015, 12:04:53 am »
If you need assistance supporting an Alliance faction or flipping a system for the Alliance feel free to send me a PM here on the forum. We're always more than happy to assist Alliance pilots.
AEDC Public Board / Re: Contact us here
« Last post by BumbleDee on July 08, 2015, 11:36:03 pm »
Hello just reg yesterday. Sayen hello, and im shure glad to see a group like this. Im still newish to the political landscape here in E:D but things like this give me some hope for some actually cooperative faction and power interactions. Im not currently seeking to join your orginization, due to the fact that im still working on my fleet and my capital. I am policing and providing for a system on the outer rim, using it as a hanger and BoA. Currently my chosen faction is at 50% rep and the pirates and fed coperation are down below 20 last I checked. Im also beginning to sponsor and develop a local corp and provide covert ops to the main faction. Im hesitant to release my location openly on any forum as yet because we are definatly not ready to defend ourselves openly. All this being said it is my primary plan to bring this system into the Alliance.
     Just wanted to make myself known and open a line of contact with the alliance directly.
Embassy / Re: Greetings from Simguru Antal and Utopia!
« Last post by KNac on July 01, 2015, 09:15:33 pm »
Hello there, you can PM me if you need to.

Embassy / Re: Greetings from Simguru Antal and Utopia!
« Last post by RosaMaus on July 01, 2015, 09:00:46 pm »
Welcome Rubbernuke, I'm sure one of "The Management" will be along soon.
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